Feathership is a deeply committed and connected community of purpose-driven & heart-centered leaders who activate conscious leadership in the world.


As you discover your leadership purpose, you will find yourself transforming and evolving into the next version of yourself.

That is the power of Feathership. 


Elevate Your Success  

It is true -- we each have a set of unique gifts and a purpose for being right here, right now. Some say it's a mission, some call it a quest. I call it leading on purpose.


Whatever you call it, it’s that yearning in your belly that demands your attention. It means that you are ready to evolve and step into the next version of yourself. 

But awareness is only half the battle. Knowing something will not equal significant change.

Transformation takes time, dedicated effort, and commitment. On this journey, you will get tired, probably be confused, and almost always fall prey to the many pressures and distractions of the world. 

Subconsciously or consciously, you will be tempted to give up, to retreat, and perhaps buy the biggest lie of them all: that success is defined by something outside of you. I’m here to tell you there is another way -- an unconventional path where you can be who you were meant to be. For this journey you must express the courage to say and show what you really want! 

If you are ready, to take this leap of faith, I encourage you to book a complimentary consultation. 

Get in the driver's seat of your life and take flight! 




Mindfulness is the art of being fully present, clear awareness aligned with thoughtful action. The benefits of mindfulness are endless, but for people in positions of power there are immense benefits. The most high leverage results are the ability to: 1. respond with clarity when under pressure, 2. engage in difficult conversations, 3. create space for innovation, 4. run effective meetings that ultimately improve employee engagement and well-being. Through mindfulness, we learn to listen and prioritize what is most important. Mindfulness is a vehicle for heart-centered leadership in the world. 



As we grow and evolve, we learn who we are and what we stand for. Sometimes, this means breaking old habits that are limiting our full potential. Imagine a butterfly doing its job: struggling to escape its cocoon, and spread its wings, yearning to fly. That is you transforming into the next version of YOU and it is not easy work. Yet, on the other side of this discomfort and vulnerability, there is an enormous amount of joy, a sense of relief that comes from finding your fire and personal freedom. Learn, grow, and soar to new heights!



Leaders with strong emotional intelligence have a profound effect on the people they work with and therefore, on the overall effectiveness of their entire organization. Emotionally intelligent leaders seek and embody the alignment of the three brains: head, heart, and gut. They listen deeply and pose purposeful questions that draw out excellent thinking. They honor vulnerability with empathy, and are in tune with the complexities of human development. Most importantly, emotionally intelligent leaders have a fire in their belly that propels them to lead with strength and conviction. Emotional intelligence is the secrete sauce for highly effective leadership!




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