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As human beings we are hard wired for learning and connection. We form networks of collective knowledge that can be tapped for the good of the whole.  

One powerful group experience available to all of us is called Circles. These personal and professional learning communities offer us an opportunity to engage mindfully, take collective responsibility, and reconfigure the way we want to live and lead our lives. 

If you are looking for a powerful group learning experience to transform the way you live and lead your organization, sign up for a Circle or check out our virtual circle on Facebook @Mindful Engagement Circle. 

Personal and Professional Circles for Creating Intimate connections and Community  

On Purpose Circles

Topic #3: Values Based Decision Making  

Saturday, April 13 - 9:30-12:15 pm
in San Francisco. *Optional group lunch from 12:30-1:30pm.

Focus: Time and Energy

Essential Questions: What would it look like to fully embody my vision and use my time wisely? How do I leverage and balance my energy most effectively?

On April 13 we will reconnect with our vision maps and/or purpose statements to evaluate and prioritize our efforts and energy exchange. Through increased awareness and clarity we develop the courage and confidence to intentionally choose and focus on what is most important in our lives. In community we will discuss topics such as: easy methods for managing time, saying no with ease and support, and indicators for leading with integrity.

On Purpose Circle #4 (April 2019)
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Engage the leader inside of you who wants to Stay the course and sign up for this interactive workshop. 


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Vision Mapping 


It is true, we each have a set of unique gifts and a purpose for being here, right here, right now. Some call it having a mission, others call it finding your purpose. Whatever you decide to call “it,”  it’s that yearning in your belly that wants your full attention. The fire inside of you that wants to grow, evolve, and transform. 

This experience is about creating a vision for your life or organization that is designed by YOU. Similar to a making a vision board, Vision Mapping is about creating a practical tool (a cue) that will guide your day to day decisions.  

Engage the leader inside of you who wants to lead with a vision and sign up for this powerful RETREAT. 

Vision mapping can also be done through 1:1 coaching.  

Additional Opportunities for Professional Networking and Leadership Development 

Lead On Purpose

LEADERSHIP DEVElopment (4 Part Series)

Are you striving to lead in a way that reflects your true self?

As leaders, visionaries, teachers, and creatives, we are often pulled in competing directions when we are up to big things. We all need dedicated time and space to get grounded in who we are and what we are meant to do - our unique purpose in the world.

Belinda Liu and Stephanie Ervin form Project Purpose, coaches and leaders of purpose-driven organizations who are here to support you to do the inner and outer work to support the fullest expression of your purpose. We have been doing this work for ourselves and our clients collectively for over 25 years.

find out more or sign up for one of our upcoming events


Learning Walks  

Continuous Improvement | Action Research | Shared Leadership

In the education world, leaders must continuously assess student and adult learning to determine success and build leadership capacity within their school. Leaders cannot wait for standardized tests to give them the information they need today. 

Learning Walks provide the formative data leaders need to adjust their instruction and staff development plans.

If you are a school leader who is yearning to use authentic and timely data, look no further, Learning Walks can give you the information you need to make data informed decisions, develop teacher leadership, enhance instruction, and improve student learning results. 

Contact me to discuss how to set up Learning Walks in your school.


Lesson Study  

Professional Learning | Action Research | Teacher Leadership

Lesson Study is a powerful vehicle for professional learning and teacher leadership development.

I saw this power first hand as the Supervisor of Professional Development for the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) between 2009 -2016.

In this time, I founded leadership pathways, including the SFUSD Lesson Study Project and QTEA Master Teacher Program, under the Quality Teacher and Education Act (QTEA).

QTEA programs were specifically designed as advocacy-oriented leadership systems for student, teacher, and paraprofessional empowerment.  

In 2015, Dr. Catherine Lewis, Shelley Friedkin, Dr. Akihiko Takahashi, and I were awarded the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Grant on behalf of the San Francisco Unified School District to implement School Wide Lesson Study. Student Learning results from this 4 year project will be available this school coming school year. Stay tuned! 

In the meantime, you can learn more about Lesson Study by visiting the Mills Lesson Study Project HERE

If you interested in starting Lesson Study at your school, contact me and let's make it happen! 


Additional Services:

Team Development:

  • Learn effective strategies to establish shared goals, build trust, improve communication, encourage dissent, and increase productivity.


  • Discover your core values and learn easy methods for prioritizing your time, focusing your energy, and overcoming obstacles and barriers to your success.

Facilitation 101:

  • Learn to use high leverage tips for inclusive facilitation, agenda design, community engagement, and collaboration.


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