Inspiring Conscious Leadership in the world!   

Mindful Cues are a visual reminder and invitation to live and lead on purpose and in alignment with your deepest core values. Each product is curated to promote mindfulness, intentional action, and genuine human connection. Strengthen the overall culture and climate of your team and community with these beautifully crafted Mindful Cues. 

Journal for Success

Conscious Leadership Practice 

Put your aspirations into practice with this exclusive Feathership journal for manifesting life and leadership success.

There is great power in the written word and it is our responsibility to be clear about our intentions so that we are more equipped to respond versus react to many complexities of life. 

Having a clear vision will ignite your passion to lead with integrity and courage.

Use your Feathership Success Journal to:  

  • create a vision and/or purpose statement for your life and career

  • set clear goals and intentions

  • document your milestones and indicators of success

  • use it as a compliment to the Mindful Engagement cards

The possibilities are endless with a little bit of commitment and a touch of Feathership magic. 

REceive A complimentary journal when you sign up for a Feathership coaching package.


Soft leather journal with blue edge color and blue bookmark. 80 sheets/160 pages; A5 size; 148mm x 210 mm; 5.8” x 8.3.” Easy and convenient to carry.

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Need Support?

Not sure how to Increase the overall productivity and effectiveness of your team?

No problem. Schedule a complimentary call with Feathership and we’ll discuss the many ways you can bring mindful cues to your team or organization.

Want something deeper? Sign up for 30 days of coaching support:

  • Learn how to facilitate deeper connections and generate stronger community engagement.

  • Lead with Integrity by uncovering your core values and leadership strengths.

  • Discover your blind spots and set goals for your areas of growth.

  • Practice showing vulnerability and speaking with candor.

  • Feel inspired to take conscious leadership!

30 Days of Support

Personalized coaching support for managers and team leaders who are interested in conscious leadership development.

Receive 30 days of personalized coaching support to strengthen your leadership and facilitation skills and feel like a brand new you.

Package Includes: Weekly Coaching Calls, Mindful Engagement Cards, Journal for Success, Take Flight Postcards, and Unlimited Texting Support Tuesday-Thursday between 8am-6pm.

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Mindful Engagement Cards

Community Builder for Team Engagement 

Enjoy using the Mindful Engagement cards to create genuine connections and community with your coworkers, family, and friends!  

The Mindful Engagement deck contains 31 cards inspired by the top core values for cultivating inclusive communities in business and education.

Each card offers a provocative question and suggested action to help you bring each core value to life. For example:

  • If you want to practice being more mindful set an intention to Listen Thoughtfully.

  • Practice Accountability by Taking Responsibility for your choices and actions.

We invite you to use the cards alone or in a group setting to create and hold intentions for your interactions and communication.

Pick a card at random or choose a core value to practice each month.  

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Compromiso Consciente

Community Builder for spanish bilingual teams

The Bilingual deck of the Mindful Engagement cards contains 35 cards inspired by the same popular core values as the English deck with the added desire to create a multicultural tool that promotes diversity and inclusion. 

The bilingual deck sends the message that we live in a diverse world and language is power. 

Pick a card at random or choose a core value to practice each month.

You can practice alone or with a group to create genuine connections, strengthen community interactions, and increase productivity. 

Take Flight Postcards 

The Take Flight Postcards are a resource for self awareness and positive human connection. Each postcard brings a balance of vibrant imagery and provocative prompting that will inspire you to connect deeply. 


What is your heart trying to tell you? 

With the Wisdom postcard, we are encouraged to look within ourselves to find the answers we seek. To prioritize our humaneness and lead with our heart. 

The wisdom postcard can be used for personal development or as a creative closing routine for staff meetings and retreats. 

Take a moment to pause and record what feels most important to remember.

The Wisdom Postcard is a refreshing way to cultivate learning and activate internal knowing. Give it a try and see what you discover!

Take Flight Postcard: Wisdom

Bundle of 8 high quality 5x7 postcards by Feathership.

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Take Flight Postcard: Clarity

Bundle of 8 high quality 5x7 postcards by Feathership.

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What would you do or say if you weren't afraid? 

If you are seeking clarity and courageous action, this postcard is an excellent resource for overcoming the obstacles on your path.

With this cue, you are encouraged to carve out time to connect with your soul. From this space, reveal your fears in written form. With the healing power of fire you will burn these fears and watch them disappear. 

When you are ready, create a mantra for this renewed sense of strength and save this postcard as a visional reminder for the warrior within you! 


Seek those who fan your flames!   

The Shine Bright postcard is about appreciating the people in our life who lift us up and give us light. The people who are leading with their heart and soul to make the world brighter. 

Do you know someone who encourages others, motivates you, or gives the world hope? 

Let them know you see their light and are inspired by their actions. 

Shine the light on the culture-builders and heart-centered leaders of the world who are doing powerful work! 


Take Flight Postcard: Shine Bright

Bundle of 8 high quality 5x7 postcards by Feathership.

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